Our signature course 'Supercharge Your Fertility' is your roadmap to creating a healthy baby, faster.

We break down the complex world of infertility to guide you with the practical steps you should take to ensure you are creating a healthy new life.

Whether you have a fertility disorder like PCOS, endometriosis, low ovarian reserve, or are over 40, we have modules targeted to you.

We aim to make your fertility journey easier by simplifying the steps it takes to improve your reproductive potential.

preconception fertility course

Hi, I’m Kim

M Rep Med (with Excellence), Ba App Sci (TCM).

With 17 years experience treating complex infertility cases in my Sydney clinics, I've branched out to help women all over the world.

You can now get access to my preconception course with my step by step formula to improve your reproductive potential and make the healthiest baby possible.