Prenatal Testing

Welcome to Week 1 of the course, where you will learn to Supercharge Your Fertility!

Whether you're trying to conceive naturally, or are about to go through IVF, this course will set the foundations for amazing reproductive health.

Week 1 of your preconception plan involves getting your prenatal testing organised, and learning the basics of reproduction. The way reproduction is covered in school is often aimed at discouraging you from having babies, so we will get back to basics and ensure you know the nuts and bolts of the birds and the bees. We will also cover Basal Body Temperature (BBT) tracking in case you are interested in this.

If you don't want to incorporate BBT charting into your routine, I would suggest just doing 1 cycle of tracking while undertaking this course so you can ensure there are no problems that might have been missed with blood tests. For example, a blood test won't tell you whether stress is affecting your fertility, or whether your luteal phase is too short for an embryo to implant, but BBT charting will!

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